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“I am a strong believer. I am a Christian. I just believe in sowing your seed in good soil and you reap,”

Barbecuing has always been a passion for Deray Morgan. Deray and his wife Ashley Morgan have taken that passion and turned it into a business. Big Smokeys BBQ & More began in Dallas, TX in 2009 and has now expanded into Woodstock, GA. It will eventually be a World - Wide franchise known to every family. 

“This started in the backyard, cooking for family and friends. with them enjoying it so much, we decided to start up a mobile Food Truck for catering events. Once that began to take off; That kind of inspired us to set up a more permanent location,” Deray said. “It is coming along. We are really kind of taking it one day at a time and just building it as we go. We have gotten pretty good feedback and the people like the food. "So that is always a plus.” The customer reviews have been phenomenal. They speak of excellent customer service, friendly conversation, and the best bbq you will ever eat!

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